Superb cardboard POP a POS materials and boxes

POP a POS materials from specialists. Promote sales of goods, make your brand more visible.

We are specialists in cardboard packaging and POP/POS materials to help marketing and sales. We can create floor and counter displays, customized packaging, banners, totems and much more. Thanks to many years of experience with card and cardboard, our professional team, modern technical equipment and our own warehouses, we are able to realize large and demanding orders in the tens of thousands as well as smaller orders.

We are a Czech producer with a long tradition

We produce from small quantities right up to large batches

Our production is environmentally friendly

We print in digital quality

We have excellent customer service

Our customers

Sales standups

Floor stands, counter stands, pallet decoration

Floor stands are free-standing sales displays with goods on display. They are used to promote and increase sales, promotional activities, new product launches and improve brand perception at the point of sale. Interesting and eye-catching displays allow the brand to differentiate itself from the rest of the range and drive sales.

Boxes and packaging

Gift, product and premium boxes

Eye-catching and interesting packaging significantly supports the customer’s decision to buy. Card and cardboard materials allow the production of high-quality packaging of various shapes and sizes with full-colour, all-over printing of photographic quality. Packaging can be produced in small exclusive batches or in larger numbers to package a variety of products in surprising ways for sales or advertising and marketing purposes.

Other POS/POP products

Banners, totems, figures, presentational furniture

Unusual POS/POP products perfectly complement marketing strategies. Such products can offer a wide range of possibilities to reach the customer in an original way. They not only have a sales-supporting character, but also serve to communicate information and gain brand awareness or to strengthen the brand’s position on the market.

High-end design and construction

Optimal design

Precise cutting, ideal size and easy to fold.

High quality all-over printing

Printing of the design in photographic quality.


Gloss or matte lamination ensures protection, strength and durability of products.


Wide range of accessories for stands (wobblers, stoppers, shelf rails and more).

Carefully selected material

Quality and strength of corrugated cardboard and card depending on the required load capacity.

Small and large series

Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to produce small series as well as large and regular series.